Door types can be named by the surface materials. For example, you can press PVC material on the MDF/HDF and the door called PVC Door. The door types we have are listed on the products page you can check from there.

Interior Door surfaces can be MDF, HDF, Plywood or UPVC. Also the thickness of the surface can be changed by the customer needs.

Not only pressing method is used for the doors but also the doors can be painted. In that way the door is called by the paint material.

Also the door’s design is made on the surface, choose from our catalogue or send us a design that you want and we can work on it.

We have many variables for your valuable projects, please contact us for non-listed door types at our website.


The main part of the door structure is the core material. The core material important for the weight, fire resistance, sound resistance, cost etc.

The options are Fire Rated, Sound Proof, Honeycomb Kraft Paper, Hollow Core Chipboard, EPS or wood spars(semi-solid). Each material has advantages and disadvantages. Mostly used material is Honeycomb Kraft Paper. Because of the cost, the Honeycomb Kraft Paper is cheap, easy to use and light heavy. 

The other materials are good for use but the cost changing by the requirements of the projects. 


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