Melamine Doors at Interior Decoration

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Melamine Doors at Interior Decoration

Melamine is in fact a type of laminate, or more specifically, the most common name of direct-pressure laminate, also known as low-pressure laminate. Melamine is produced to produce a highly resistant layer of melamine resin. This melamine resin sheet is a type of thermoset plastic facing a plastic substrate with a phenolic resin glue and attached to a wooden substrate. Melamine is the perfect material choice for doors because it is highly durable, moisture resistant and very low cost.

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Melamine Doors at Wood Industry

Melamine doors which are produced from material called melamine door surface or melamine door panels were added to inner room door models recently. We will try to give details regarding with Melamine doors which offer rich color options and provides opportunity to be used in residences and other living areas due to their durability and to present more information regarding with them. Melamine is a product which is not only used forestry products, we hear its name often in different sectors.  Tree patterns which are present in nature are processed exactly to metal cylinders. Metal mould in cylindrical form where tree pattern is processed is obtained after this operation.

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Advantage of Melamine Doors

When we look at the most advantage of melamine doors which differentiates from foil door and makes it to have more service lifetime is impregnation. In final production stage, impregnated decorative papers are pressed over  hdf plates which have high density and special surface grinder by means of presses which have high temperature and pressure values and fixed over hdf surfaces. Products which have glue property are not used during these operations. Heat and pressure are most important factors during this operation. Don’t you want decorative melamine doors that are both durable and suitable for your style? Please contact Eurasia Door for further information and questions. For more models you can visit our image gallery.

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