Natural Veneer Doors with Luxury Views

Natural Veneer Doors with Luxury Views

Doors are one of the most important elements for the security of our homes. Of course, in addition to being safe, the need for a robust and decorative door that suits your style is inevitable. For both exterior doors and interior doors of our homes, you can choose natural veneer doors that match your style. If you love the natural beauty of built-in design and real wood, you will love our range of natural veneer doors. Stylish doors made of elegant real wood veneers provide comfort in your home and fit in any environment. The veneer is obtained by peeling the trunk of a tree or slicing large rectangular wooden blocks known as flaps. The appearance of grain and shape in wood comes from slicing a tree’s growth rings and depends on the slicing angle of the wood.

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Venner Doors Offers Quality and Naturalness

One of the main advantages of using veneer compared to wood is stability. Although solid wood tends to disintegrate and detach, the likelihood of splitting or cracking is reduced as the veneer is made of thin wood layers bonded together.

Some projects using wood veneer will not be able to build using solid timber due to expansion and shrinkage caused by temperature and humidity fluctuations. Another advantage of veneer is sustainability – furniture made with wood veneer uses less wood than the same piece of furniture made with solid wood. In addition, the veneer can be obtained more easily than solid wood, because exotic parquet lumber can be less and more expensive.

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Natural Veneer Doors Change Interiors’ Style

Natural veneer doors make the wood’s natural wood grain and tone truly shine and provide a striking natural surface that does not require decoration. For simplicity, you can choose standard core real wood veneer doors available in a wide range of natural veneers You won’t regret choosing textured veneer designs with an elevated surface to give your home a truly contemporary look, or natural veneer doors with cross-directional veneers to get a striking style. Eurasia Door designs offer an elegant and luxurious look that all your guests will envy. Please contact us for more information and other questions about doors that are long lasting and suitable for your style. Also you can visit our gallery for more models.

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